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Civil Engineering & Architecture is the extreme point of realisation of all artistic and creative efforts, because, to create a work of architecture means to construct an ambiance, to establish a new and different way of life.
An increasing commercialisation of Indian real-estate environment and the entry of uncountable builders/promoters, has an obvious result of quality detodiation. TARAK BANERJEE evaluated his clients from others. Their projects have developed a different framework and recognition.





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Dress up your construction, don't ignore structural health !

In India, specially at Kolkata, a new trend / practice has began . Most of the builders dress up their construction like a bride on her first day of wedding ! Buildings look beautiful and glamorous, but for a few days . It is only when the 'bridal' make up of the building comes off after a couple of odd seasons ; one get to see the building / structure as it actually is !

Most of the buildings are only elevation oriented, not safety oriented . Normally; a weak, poor structure is covered with beautiful cladding. That obviously does not improve the overall quality of the building because the safety is completely ignored . Exceptions are there, but as we know, majority rules ! After all, a gorgeous make up of a building gives more profit to the builders /promoters . They provide swimming pool, gymnasium, community centre , club etc. and take a decent amount of money from the buyers . They don't look after the safety, stability and quality of construction for the main dwelling structure where the buyer has to live most of the time .
In comparison, small, single unit apartments are built with some amount of safety consciousness . These builders don't have a huge money to provide exotic elevation , so they properly emphasize on the structural beauty and health !

The tiny Residential building project , where safety is the prime concern !
Holy Construction at Kolkata .

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Sachi said...

Thanks for writing this.

formwork said...

We find that using shuttering for the structure is the most cost effective way to construct a structure.
This is called “total design concept”
The formwork for these structures included all elements, structural, non- structural, and architectural. The architectural elements include, radius headers, decorative columns, pitched concrete roof, and rain gutters cast directly into the decorative moldings. Casting all elements achieves a cost savings of 10-20% over traditional methods. Casting all elements also speeds construction 30 – 50% over traditional methods. This is achieved by the speed of the formwork system, the reduction follow on trades, and the ease of finishing the surfaces.

Emaar said...


I read your post... nice post!
Thanks for writing this.

James Williams….
Pakistan Real Estate

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